iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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NRT Framework Tutorials

These tutorials are intended for programmers who to create their own NRT modules. Make sure you understand the Concepts and Theory of Operation and User Tutorial first!


  • Good knowledge of C++ is required.
  • Good knowledge of the C++ Standard Library is required.
  • NRT exploits nearly all of the new concepts introduced in C++11.
  • NRT also uses many of the Boost libraries. When both boost and C++11 provide some implementation fo a feature, in NRT we typically prefer the standard one (C++11).

Basic Tutorial

The basic tutorial covers:

Also be sure to check the many test files for actual real-use code that compiles. Each test file typically exercises one particular functionality of NRT in many different ways:

More Advanced Tutorial Topics

More advanced tutorial topics are: