iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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Todo List
Member drawPolygonFill (Image< SourceColorT< T >> &image, Polygon< int32 > const &polygon, FillColorT< U > const &fillColor, bool *const pixelFlags)
The Image::ConvexPolyIter class will happily try to draw pixels outside of the image dims. Until this is
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fix nrtkit signatures
Group ImageOperators
Clean up the enable_ifs, as this makes the doxygen generated documentation unreadable. Check out for some ideas.
Group imagerescale
Make some nice forwarding methods (e.g. just decimate(), rescale() (which would decide whether do call downsize, or rescaleBilinear), etc..)
Class nrt::Dims< T >
The multiplication operators seem to not work properly.
Member nrt::downSize (nrt::Image< PixType > const &src, nrt::Dims< int > const &dims, int const filterWidth=9)
This seems to not work
Member nrt::drawDisk (Image< PixDest< T > > &dst, Circle< int32 > const &circle, PixFill< U > const &fillColor)
Merge this into drawCircle, a-la drawRectangle
Member nrt::orientedFilter (Image< PixType > const src, float const k, float const theta, float const intensity=1.0, bool const fastMath=false)

Make the CMake checks to define NRT_HAVE_ASM_FSINCOS and NRT_HAVE_SINCOS

Reconsider the parameter name fastMath if SINCOS is comparably fast to the lookups

Member nrt::Rectangle< T >::clip (Line< T > const &line) const
Implement one of the many very fast line-rectangle clipping algorithms around
Member nrt::Search::knn (Field const &query, int k, Distance const &dist)
revisit and make thread safe