iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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nrt::graphics::mocap::Posture Struct Reference

#include <nrt/Graphics/MoCap/Posture.H>

Root position and all bone rotation angles (including root) for a Skeleton.

This class can be used to set the rotations, translations, and elongations of all bones in a Skeleton. See the Motion class for loading a vector of Posture objects from an Acclaim .AMC file.

Definition at line 60 of file Posture.H.


struct  Data
 Posture data for each bone. More...

Public Member Functions

template<class Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar)

Public Attributes

std::map< std::string, Datadata
 Map of posture data indexed by bone name. More...

Member Data Documentation

std::map<std::string, Data> nrt::graphics::mocap::Posture::data

Map of posture data indexed by bone name.

special bone named 'root' has no length, just position (translation) and rotation

Definition at line 81 of file Posture.H.

Referenced by serialize().

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