iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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nrt::ConnectorUID Struct Reference

#include <nrt/Core/Blackboard/ConnectorBase.H>

Type for Connector unique ID data.

This used internally by Blackboard ONLY to keep track of connectors across distributed systems. Users should only care about the Module type and possibly its (less efficient) instance defined in the Connector class.

Definition at line 62 of file ConnectorBase.H.

Public Member Functions

 ConnectorUID (ConnectorBase const *con)
bool operator== (nrt::ConnectorUID const &other) const
 Equality test.
std::string const & str () const
 As a string for printing debug messages.

Public Attributes

long hostID
pid_t procID
ConnectorBase const * conID
std::string strID

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