iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oCore classes and definitions
|oBlackboard and message passing classes and functions
||oBlackboard Federation summary data
|||\YAML load/save functions for Blackboard Federation summary data
||oBlackboard Manager class and related messages
|||\BlackboardManager Configuration Parameters
||oConnector classes and functions
||oBlackboard-related exceptions
||oMessage classes and functions
||\Module and poster/checker/subscriber ports
|| \Results of post and check actions
|oDebugging support functions and facilities
||oEvent logging classes and functions
||\Logging and error/information message facility
|| oLog Output Policies
|| \Log Level Policies
|oGeneric classes implementing common design patterns
||\Factory related classes and definitions
|oGeometry-related classes and functions
|oImage class template and related classes and functions
||oImage-related classes and functions
|||oGenericImage class and concepts
||||oGenericImage Macros
||||\GenericImage Operators
|||oLayout class and functions to build tiled layouts of images
|||\Multiresolution ImagePyramid class and functions
||| \Functions to build multiresolution ImagePyramid objects
||oContainer-style Image algorithms resembling those of std::algorithm
||oImage Operators
||\Image macros to facilitate promotion of pixel types
|oMemory-related functions and classes
||oArray classes featuring copy-on-write and ref-counting
||\Optimized memory allocation using alignment and/or caching of memory blocks
|oModel components, parameters, manager, and associated classes
||oComponent Factory related classes and definitions
||\Component parameter-related classes and functions
|| \String conversions for Parameter
|oNRT types, definitions and related functions
||oConversion functions between types
||oName demangling functions
||oEnum class convenience macro
||oMisc types defined by NRT
||oException base classes and helper functions
||oNRT integer types
||oPixel type trait class
||oAutomatic type promotion for operations
||oTime measurement definitions and classes
||\Specification of valid values
|\General utility classes and associated functions
| oMulti-threaded processing helpers
| oMiscellaneous preprocessor utilities related to controlling compilation
| oMiscellaneous maths utilities and constants
| |oPrecomputed constants 128 bits IEEE quad
| |\Precomputed constants 256 bits IEEE
| oModule, Macro-Module, and Network meta-data (anifest) information
| oString Utilities
| \Vector-related utility functions
oMatrix-related classes and definitions using the Eigen library
|\Conversions between Eigen matrices and Image, Array, etc
oImage processing functions
|oImage Drawing
||oCut/Paste Operations
||oGeometry Drawing
||oGeneral Image Drawing Utils
||\Text Drawing
|oImage Filtering
||oConvolution Kernels
||oLow-Pass / Blur Operations
|||\Low-Pass Helpers
||oMiscellaneous Image Filters
||oMorphology Operations
||\Separable Filtering
|oImage conversions to OpenCV and other libraries
||\Functions for Image conversions to OpenCV
|oImage Math Operations
||oIntegral Image Operations
||oImage Range Manipulations
||\Image Statistics
|\Image Reshaping Operations
| oImage Rescaling Operations
| \Image Transformations
oPointCloud Class and Related Classes and Functions
|\Common Operations and Functionality
| oCorrespondence Representation
| \Geometric Transforms
oClasses and functions for probabilistic computations
oRobotics classes and definitions
oHelpers to access values of shell/Unix environment variables used by NRT
oInterface functions that should all be called from a same thread
oGraphics-related classes and functions
|oGraphic object material properties
|oMotion capture/rendering related classes and functions
|\Graphic primitive shapes
oInterface functions that should all be called from a same thread
\Pointcloud Filtering Operations