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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCnrt::memorydetail::aligned_alloc< src_type, N >Allocate memory that is aligned on an N-byte boundary
oCnrt::memorydetail::aligned_alloc< nrt::memorydetail::trivial_alloc, N >
oCnrt::memorydetail::alloc_info< N >Auxiliary information about an aligned memory allocation
oCstd::allocator< T >STL class
oCnrt::Array< T >The Array class is an efficient way to store memory and pass it between functions
oCnrt::Array2D< T >A shared, copy-on-write 2D addressable storage class for holding arbitrary types
oCnrt::Array2D< nrt::PixRGBA< float > >
oCnrt::Array2D< PixRGB< byte > >
oCnrt::Array< nrt::PixRGBA< float > >
oCnrt::Array< PixRGB< byte > >
oCnrt::AutoMap< KeyType, ValueType >A table used to create unique Ids and store a value for each Id
oCBasicMaterialEnum key to convenience pre-defined materials
oCnrt::exception::BlackboardException::BlackboardExceptionDataData stored about an exception, we have a vector of those to simulate a stack unwinding
oCnrt::blackboard::BlackboardFederationSummarySummary info about a federation of blackboards
oCnrt::BlackboardFederationSummaryListenerListener that will be triggered on each update of the Blackboard federation
oCnrt::BlackboardGUIdataListenerBase class for a listener for GUIdata changes on a Blackboard
oCnrt::blackboard::BlackboardManagerSummarySummary about a BlackboardManager
oCnrt::BlackboardMasterExra Blackboard functionality that exists on the Blackboard federation master only
oCnrt::BlackboardNetHandlerBlackboard network handler interface
oCnrt::BlackboardUIDType for Blackboard unique ID data
oCnrt::BlackboardUsageDataA data sent at regular intervals by each Blackboard to report on CPU, callback, etc usage
oCnrt::graphics::mocap::BoneA bone segment in a 3D graphics Skeleton
oCBoneEndTypeEnum to indicate either the starting point or the end point of a bone, used by Skeleton::getTransform()
oCnrt::BottomlessThreadPoolA thread pool with an unlimited number of threads
oCnrt::BoundedBuffer< T >Thread-safe synchronized producer/consumer queue
oCnrt::BoundedLocalQueueThreadPoolA bounded thread pool with thread local work queues
oCnrt::BoundedSet< T, EqualsTo >Thread-safe synchronized producer/consumer queue with element replacement policy
oCBoundedSetInsertPolicyBoundedSet insert policy
oCnrt::BoundedThreadPoolA bounded thread pool with a shared work queue
oCnrt::graphics::BrushBase class for a graphics brush (to draw facet fills of graphics objects)
oCnrt::blackboard::CallbackForRemoteDataA callback wrapped for use to serve a remote post, plus the associated module mutex
oCCappedEnd capping policy for extruded shapes (e.g., cylinder)
oCnrt::Circle< T >A simple representation of a circle
oCnrt::mgzj::ColorConversionsTEMP class for the color conversions for now. TODO: this will need to move to videoFrame
oCnrt::ConcurrentQueue< T >A thread safe queue with blocking and waiting
oCnrt::ConcurrentQueue< nrt::FunctionWrapper >
oCConnectionSpline representing a connection between two ports
oCConnectionRequestGraphical representation for a request for connection
oCnrt::blackboard::ConnectionSummarySummary about a connection between two modules
oCnrt::ConnectorBaseBase class for Connector
oCnrt::blackboard::ConnectorSummarySummary about a Connector, for sharing across the Blackboard Federation
oCnrt::ConnectorUIDType for Connector unique ID data
oCnrt::PointCloud2::ConstIterator< Fields >A constant iterator over geometry and other fields
oCnrt::PointCloud2::ConstIterator< FirstT, OtherT...>Template specialization for ConstIterator with variadic template parameters
oCnrt::PointCloud2::ConstIterator<>Template specialization for ConstIterator with no template parameters
oCnrt::CorrespondenceA struct for representing correspondence between two points
oCnrt::CorrespondenceEstimationNearestNeighborDetermines point correspondences by looking for nearest neighbors
oCnrt::CorrespondenceRejectionBaseBase class for all correspondence rejction methods
oCnrt::CPUTimerUtility class for monitoring user/system cpu usage plus wall-clock time
oCnrt::graphics::mocap::Posture::DataPosture data for each bone
oCnrt::DenseDataA class for representing dense (one entry per geometry) data
oCnrt::Dims< T >A generic dimensions class
oCnrt::Dims< int32 >
oCnrt::Dims< nrt::int32 >
oCnrt::graphics::DisplayListManagerSimple manager to create/delete OpenGL displaylists and give them a name
oCnrt::graphics::mocap::Bone::dofspecSpecification of a degree of freedom (dof)
oCnrt::DynamicArray< T, Allocator >A dynamic-length version of the Array class
oCnrt::DynamicArray< std::size_t >
oCnrt::DynamicLoaderA class to open shared object (.so) files and load functions contained in them
oCnrt::EventEvent is a simple proxy class for an event, similar to lock classes for mutex
oCnrt::EventLogA simple event logger
oCnrt::EventLogEntryAn entry in an nrt::EventLog
oCnrt::EventLogSummaryParsed summary from an EventLog
oCstd::exceptionSTL class
oCExceptionBoxExceptionBox is much like QMessageBox but it can be resized
oCnrt::memorydetail::fastcache_alloc< cache_size >Caching allocator with free lists for common allocation sizes
oCnrt::FeatureBaseBase class for all feature computation methods
oCnrt::FilterBaseFilter interface that all filters must inherit from
oCnrt::FrameRangeA simple struct to hold a range of frames indicating the bounds of a movie
oCnrt::FunctionWrapperWraps up an std::function in a move copyable struct
oCnrt::GaussianPDF< StateDef >A Gaussian representation of a given StateDefinition
oCnrt::GaussianPDF< StateDefinitionType >
oCnrt::GenericBag< FirstT, OtherT...>A class for holding a bag of unique, unordered components
oCnrt::GenericImageA container that acts as a smart "union" of a few popular Image types
oCnrt::GenericLog< LogLevelPolicy >A generic logging class
oCnrt::blackboard::GUIdataData about a module or macromodule (namespace) that the blackboard master keeps track of
oCnrt::HTTPBridgeA bridge to access NRT Blackboard federations over an HTTP connection
oCnrt::IdTable< ValueType, IdType >A table used to store linked value and id types supporting lookups on both
oCnrt::IdTable< std::string, nrt::blackboard::msgkey >
oCnrt::ImagePyramid< PixType >An ImagePyramid represents a stack of various scales of a single Image
oCnrt::ImageSet< T >A set of images, often used as a dyadic pyramid
oCnrt::PointCloud2::Iterator< Fields >An iterator over geometry and other fields
oCnrt::PointCloud2::Iterator< FirstT, OtherT...>Template specialization for Iteartor with variadic templates
oCnrt::PointCloud2::Iterator<>Template specialization for Iterator with no parameters
oCnrt::IteratorRange< IteratorType >A rudimentary implementation of an iterator range
oCnrt::KalmanFilterImplementation of a 2nd order linear Kalman Filter
oCnrt::graphics::ShapeRenderer::KeyboardPressA key pressed on the keyboard, along with whether this was a release (true) or press (false)
oCnrt::KeyTable< KeyType >A table used to create using Ids
oCnrt::Layout< T >Represents tiled layouts of arbitrary numbers of images of different sizes
oCnrt::Line< T >A 2D line segment
oCLMDistanceMethodLM Distance Methods
oCLoaderLibraryA library of module loaders
oCLoaderSummarySimple struct that contains essential data about a module loader
oCnrt::LookupCacheA class for caching arbitrary templated function call results
oCnrt::blackboard::MacroModuleSummarySummary information about a macro-module
oCnrt::graphics::MaterialMaterial definition for OpenGL
oCnrt::Array< T >::MemoryA reference counted storage class for an array of data
oCnrt::MessageBaseBase class for a message that can be passed from one Module to other(s) (via a Blackboard)
oCnrt::MessageChecker< Checkers >Generic variadic MessageChecker class template
oCnrt::MessageChecker< AsyncCheck >
oCnrt::MessageChecker< AsyncInputA >
oCnrt::MessageChecker< AsyncInputA, AsyncInputC >
oCnrt::MessageChecker< AsyncInputAder >
oCnrt::MessageChecker< AsyncInputZ >
oCnrt::MessageChecker< Tail...>
oCnrt::MessageChecker<>Special case to terminate recursion
oCnrt::MessageCheckerCoreBaseBase class for MessageChecker
oCnrt::MessageCheckerResults< Msg >Class that holds the results of MessageChecker<Checking>::check()
oCnrt::MessageChecking< Port, Msg >A Checking is a unique binding of a Message type to a port class
oCnrt::blackboard::MessageDataData which we store about each message on our Blackboard
oCnrt::MessageData< Field, Tail...>Generic message data template used in messages that contain multiple fields/values
oCnrt::MessagePoster< Msgs >Generic variadic class template definition of MessagePoster
oCnrt::MessagePoster< ChatterPort, NumberPort >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< mymod2::OutputX, mymod2::OutputY, mymod2::OutputS, mymod2::OutputZ, mymod2::OutputM >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< mymod::Output, mymod::Output2 >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< OutputA >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< OutputA, OutputB, OutputCraw, OutputCfilt, PostTestMM, PostTestMV >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< OutputAB >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< OutputValuePort >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< OutputZ >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< Tail...>
oCnrt::MessagePoster< TheRequest, AsyncPost >
oCnrt::MessagePoster< transformuser::TransformLookupPort, transformuser::TransformUpdatePort >
oCnrt::MessagePoster<>Special case to terminate variadic template inheritance recursion
oCnrt::MessagePosterCoreBaseBase class for a MessagePoster
oCnrt::MessagePosterResults< Posting >The results of a post()
oCnrt::MessagePosting< Port, Msg, Ret >A Posting port is a unique binding of a sent Message type and a returned Message type to a port class
oCnrt::MessagePosting< Port, Msg, void >Specialization of MessagePosting for void return type
oCnrt::MessagePosting< Port, nrt::Message< T >, void >Specialization of MessagePosting for void return type and nrt::Message<T> message
oCnrt::MessagePosting< SimpleMessagePosting< T >, nrt::Message< T >, void >
oCnrt::MessagePosting< SimpleMessagePosting< T >, T, void >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< Msgs >Variadic-template MessageSubscriber class
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< DesiredValuePort, ObservedValuePort >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< InputA >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< InputA, InputCleft, InputCright, SubscriTestMM, SubscriTestMV >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< InputAB >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< InputZ >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< mymod::Input, mymod::Input2 >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< SomeTextPort, SomeNumberPort >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< Tail...>
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< TheResponse >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber< transformmanager::TransformUpdatePort, transformmanager::TransformLookupPort >
oCnrt::MessageSubscriber<>Variadic-template MessageSubscriber class
oCnrt::MessageSubscriberCoreBaseBase class for a MessageSubscriber
oCnrt::MessageSubscription< Port, Msg, Ret >A Subscription is a unique binding of a received Message type and a returned Message type to a port class
oCnrt::MessageSubscription< Port, Msg, void >Specialization of MessageSubscription for void return type
oCnrt::MessageSubscription< Port, nrt::Message< T >, void >Specialization of MessageSubscription for void return type and nrt::Message<T> message
oCnrt::MessageSubscription< SimpleMessageSubscription< T >, nrt::Message< T >, void >
oCnrt::MessageSubscription< SimpleMessageSubscription< T >, T, void >
oCnrt::MessageTypesCreator< __Type >Simple class used to contain common types for a given message
oCnrt::MessageTypesCreator< AnyMessage >
oCnrt::MessageTypesCreator< GraphicsMessage >
oCnrt::MessageTypesCreator< Message< T > >
oCnrt::MessageTypesCreator< TriggerMessage >
oCnrt::Component::MetaInfoMeta-info about a Component derived class
oCnrt::ModuleBaseBase class for Module
oCnrt::LoaderSummaryMessage::moduledescrA description of a single module
oCnrt::ModuleDescriptionA simple struct to describe an NRT Module from available files on disk
oCnrt::exception::ModuleException::ModuleExceptionDataData stored about an exception, we have a vector of those to simulate a stack unwinding
oCnrt::ModuleLibraryA Module library
oCnrt::ModuleManifestEncapsulates the manifest meta-information about an NRT Module
oCnrt::blackboard::ModulePortSummarySummary about a Module Port, for sharing across the Blackboard Federation
oCModuleRepBaseBase class for the graphical representation of a module or namespace
oCnrt::blackboard::ModuleSummarySummary about a Module, for sharing across the Blackboard Federation
oCnrt::ModuleUIDType for Module unique ID data
oCnrt::graphics::mocap::MotionDefines a Skeleton's motions
oCnrt::blackboard::NamespaceSummarySummary info about a namespace and what it contains
oCnrt::NoneImageSourceAn ImageSourceType that always returns empty GenericImages
oCnrt::NotATypeErrorA type to indicate an error in metaprogramming
oCnrt::nrt_traits< T, U >NRT type traits definition
oCnrt::OpenNIImageSource::OpenNIDataA struct containing metadata from the device
oCnrt::OptionalBase< T, isReference >The base class for all optional types
oCnrt::OptionalBase< std::remove_reference< double >::type, std::is_reference< double >::value >
oCnrt::OptionalBase< std::remove_reference< nrt::DynamicArray >::type, std::is_reference< nrt::DynamicArray >::value >
oCnrt::OptionalBase< std::remove_reference< T >::type, std::is_reference< T >::value >
oCnrt::OptionalBase< T, false >Value template specialization for OptionalBase
oCnrt::OptionalBase< T, true >Reference template specialization for OptionalBase
oCnrt::ParamChangedListenerBase class for a listener for Parameter changes on a Blackboard
oCnrt::Parameter< Params >Generic variadic template class template definition for Component Parameters
oCnrt::Parameter< blackboardmanager::masterip, blackboardmanager::masterport, blackboardmanager::master, blackboardmanager::nick >
oCnrt::Parameter< camera::fovx, camera::rangez, camera::aspect, camera::zoom >
oCnrt::Parameter< cool_param1, param2 >
oCnrt::Parameter< dims >
oCnrt::Parameter< imagefilessource::path >
oCnrt::Parameter< imagerenderer::dims, imagerenderer::windowTitle, imagerenderer::resizePolicy, imagerenderer::backgroundColor >
oCnrt::Parameter< imagesink::outtype >
oCnrt::Parameter< imagesink::prefix, imagesink::ext, imagesink::framenumfieldwidth >
oCnrt::Parameter< imagesource::intype >
oCnrt::Parameter< manager::help, manager::profilebb, manager::profilelog, manager::onlineprofile, manager::profilesaveto, manager::loglevel >
oCnrt::Parameter< number >
oCnrt::Parameter< openni::datatype, openni::DepthResolution, openni::ImageResolution, openni::IRResolution, openni::interpolate, openni::DepthFPS, openni::ImageFPS, openni::IRFPS, openni::mirror, openni::xml >
oCnrt::Parameter< pid::p, pid::i, pid::d, pid::output_min, pid::output_max >
oCnrt::Parameter< randomimagesource::dims >
oCnrt::Parameter< robot::speed, robot::strength >
oCnrt::Parameter< robotarm::serialport, robotarm::serialbaud, robotarm::rangevalue, robotarm::funnynumber, robotarm::funnyoffline >
oCnrt::Parameter< seekableimagesource::frames >
oCnrt::Parameter< shaperendererbasic::dims, shaperendererbasic::wireframe, shaperendererbasic::windowtitle, shaperendererbasic::fogdensity, shaperendererbasic::fogcolor, shaperendererbasic::detail, shaperendererbasic::ambientlight, shaperendererbasic::diffuselight, shaperendererbasic::specularlight, shaperendererbasic::lightposition >
oCnrt::Parameter< sub_param1 >
oCnrt::Parameter< Tail...>
oCnrt::Parameter< transformmanager::maxCacheSize, transformmanager::maxCacheTime >
oCnrt::Parameter< videosink::prefix, videosink::ext, videosink::quality >
oCnrt::Parameter< videosource::path >
oCnrt::Parameter<>Special case to terminate variadic template inheritance recursion
oCnrt::ParameterBaseBase class for Parameter
oCnrt::ParameterCategoryA category to which multiple ParameterDefs can belong
oCnrt::ParameterDefBaseBase class for a Paramater definition
oCnrt::ParameterRegistryA simple registry of all parameters associated with a component
oCnrt::ParameterSummaryParameterSummary provides a summary about a parameter that can be used by a GUI and across Blackboards
oCnrt::ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef >::ParticleDefine a particle width a weight
oCnrt::ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef >Particle representation of a variable
oCnrt::graphics::PenBase class for a graphics pen (to draw facte outlines of graphics objects)
oCnrt::pixel_traits< PixType, B >This specialization of pixel_traits shows up when PixType is not a Pixel type
oCnrt::pixel_traits< PixType, true >This specialization of pixel_traits shows up when PixType is indeed a Pixel type
oCnrt::pixel_traits< Tc >
oCnrt::PixelPainter< T, PixDest, U, PixSource, Enable >The PixelPainter class is a small optimization for drawing on Images
oCnrt::PixGray< T >A pixel class to hold a single scalar value
oCnrt::PixHSV< T >A pixel class to hold hue-saturation-value color components
oCnrt::PixRGB< T >A pixel class to hold red-green-blue color components
oCnrt::PixRGB< nrt::byte >
oCnrt::PixRGB< T_rgb >
oCnrt::Point< T, Dimensions >A N-Dimensional Point Class
oCnrt::Point< float, 2 >
oCnrt::Point< int, 2 >
oCnrt::Point< int, 4 >
oCnrt::Point< nrt::int32, 2 >
oCnrt::Point< PointCloud2::BaseType, 4 >
oCnrt::Point< POINTCLOUD2_BASE_TYPE, 4 >
oCnrt::Point< T, 2 >
oCnrt::Point< T, 3 >
oCnrt::Point< T, 4 >
oCnrt::PointCloud2A class for representing point clouds
oCnrt::PointCloud2Data< Types >A container for holding the data associated with a point cloud point
oCnrt::PointCloud2DataRefBase< IsConst, Types >A container for holding references to the data associated with a point cloud point
oCnrt::PointCloud2DataRefBase< false, Types...>A container for holding constant references to the data associated with a point cloud point
oCnrt::PointCloud2DataRefBase< true, Types...>A container for holding references to the data associated with a point cloud point
oCnrt::Polygon< T >A 2D polygon representation
oCnrt::Polygon< float >
oCnrt::Polygon< nrt::int32 >
oCnrt::graphics::mocap::PostureRoot position and all bone rotation angles (including root) for a Skeleton
oCProfilerMainWidgetMain widget for the NRT Profiler
oCnrt::promote< T1, T2, B >Specialization of nrt::promote for when we can't promote
oCnrt::promote< T1, T2, true >Specialization of nrt::promote for when a promotion will occur
oCnrt::promote< T1, void, false >Specialization of nrt::promote when second type is void, promoted type is the first type
oCnrt::promote< Tc, Uc >
oCnrt::promote< void, T2, false >Specialization of nrt::promote when first type is void, promoted type is the second type
oCnrt::promote< void, void, false >Specialization of nrt::promote when both types are void
oCnrt::PyramidReichardt< PixType >A Reichardt motion pyramid
oCnrt::Range< T >A generic range class
oCnrt::Rectangle< T >A basic rectangle class
oCnrt::RegistrationA class for registering point clouds
oCnrt::blackboard::RemoteCommandBlackboard remote command description
oCnrt::blackboard::RemotePostMessageDataData which we store about each message received as part of a remote post transaction
oCResizePolicyImageRenderer resize methods
oCResolutionOpenNI device resolutions
oCnrt::RotatedRectangle< T >A 2D rotated rectangle containing a center point, dimensions, and an angle
oCnrt::RunStateActionListenerListener that will be triggered on each update of the Blackboard federation's run state
oCnrt::SampleConcensusBaseInterface for all sample concensus methods
oCnrt::SemaphoreA simple semaphore
oCnrt::graphics::ShapeBase class for a graphics shape
oCSignalHandlerSignal handler to gracefully shutdown the designer on control-c
oCnrt::SimpleFontA simple font class
oCnrt::SimpleMessagePosting< T, isMessage >Simple CRTP struct for a MessagePosting, used by split posters
oCnrt::SimpleMessagePosting< T >
oCnrt::SimpleMessageSubscription< T, isMessage >Simple CRTP struct for a MessageSubscription, used by split subscribers
oCnrt::Singleton< T >A generic singleton class to enforce a single instance of a class
oCnrt::Singleton< Blackboard >
oCnrt::Singleton< CentralTimer >
oCnrt::Singleton< ComponentFactory< IDtype, Creator, MetaDataType > >
oCnrt::Singleton< Factory< Product, IDtype, ProductCreator, MetaDataType > >
oCnrt::Singleton< GlobalSettings >
oCnrt::Singleton< SystemProfiler >
oCnrt::Singleton< TimeProfiler< id > >
oCnrt::graphics::mocap::SkeletonAn articulated skeleton as a hierarchy of Bone objects
oCnrt::SourceCloudA base class for any PointCloud class that has a concept of an "Source" point cloud
oCnrt::SparseDataA class for representing Sparse (one or less entries per geometry)
oCnrt::SparseFieldCoreBase class for marking a field as sparse
oCnrt::StandardConvergenceCriteriaA standard convergence criteria
oCnrt::StandardErrorOutputPolicyOutput to standard error stream
oCnrt::StandardOutputOutputPolicyOutput to standard output stream
oCnrt::StateAccessor< Head, Tail...>Helper of StateDef which provides access to elements by their type
oCnrt::StateDef< Elements >A Simple class to represent possibly complex and nested state information with dual access
oCnrt::StateDefinition< FieldGroups >A State Definition is a collection of State Field Groups used in a probability distribution
oCnrt::StateVector< StateDef >A StateVector is a wrapper around an Eigen::Vector which provides methods to access elements by a StateDefinition
oCnrt::StripSparse< T >Strips sparse attribute, if present, from a type
oCnrt::SynchroQueue< T >SynchroQueue is a thread-safe synchronized producer/consumer queue
oCnrt::SynchroQueue< std::pair< std::function< void()>, std::shared_ptr< JobTicket > > >
oCnrt::T2Type< T, val >Type-to-type class
oCnrt::TargetCloudA base class for any PointCloud class that has a concept of a "Target" point cloud
oCnrt::graphics::TextureManagerSimple manager to create/delete OpenGL textures and give them a name
oCnrt::ThreadJoiner< Container, Args >Convenience RAII wrapper around a container of threads to call join() on all of them
oCnrt::ThreadJoiner< std::vector >
oCnrt::ThreadPoolUsed to run a potentially large set of jobs on a fixed number of threads
oCnrt::TimerA simple timer class
oCnrt::TransformationEstimationBaseBase class for all transformation estimation methods
oCnrt::memorydetail::trivial_allocTrivial allocator that just calls operator new() and operator delete()
oCnrt::trivial_typeA type trait class to specify whether a custom class is 'trivial,' e.g., can be malloc'd
oCnrt::UKF< StateDefinitionType, ObservationDefinitionType, FilterModel >An Unscented Kalman Filter
oCnrt::UnboundedLocalQueueThreadPoolAn unbounded thread pool with thread local work queues
oCnrt::UnboundedThreadPoolAn unbounded thread pool with a shared work queue
oCnrt::ValidValuesSpecBase< T >Base class for specifying a set of valid values for a type
oCnrt::VideoReaderBaseA base class for video readers
oCnrt::VideoWriterBaseA base class for video writers
oCnrt::VoxelFilter::VoxelA struct representing a voxel object
oCnrt::WatchdogLaunch a function after some amount of time has passed during which no reset was received
\Cnrt::WorkStealingQueueA light wrapper around std::deque used to allow different threads to "steal" work