iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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Component parameter-related classes and functions


class  nrt::ParamChangedListener
 Base class for a listener for Parameter changes on a Blackboard. More...
class  nrt::ParameterBase
 Base class for Parameter. More...
class  nrt::ParameterCore< T >
 A changeable parameter for a Component, core class. More...
class  nrt::Parameter< Param, Tail...>
 A set of Parameters attached to a component. More...
struct  nrt::ParameterCategory
 A category to which multiple ParameterDefs can belong. More...
class  nrt::ParameterDefBase
 Base class for a Paramater definition. More...
class  nrt::ParameterDef< T >
 A Parameter Definition. More...
class  nrt::exception::BadParameter
 Exception that Parameter callbacks should throw if they reject the candidate new value. More...
class  nrt::exception::ParameterException
 Exception that people should catch when they try to set a Parameter value. More...
class  nrt::ParameterSummary
 ParameterSummary provides a summary about a parameter that can be used by a GUI and across Blackboards. More...


 String conversions for Parameter


enum  nrt::ParameterFlags { nrt::ParameterFlags::None = 0, nrt::ParameterFlags::NoOnlineChanges = 1 }
 Definitions of parameter flags. More...
enum  nrt::ParameterState { Create, Update, Destroy }
 State of a parameter, received with a ParameterSummary. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum nrt::ParameterFlags

Definitions of parameter flags.


No flags.


This parameter does not allow online changes.

Definition at line 65 of file ParameterDef.H.

enum nrt::ParameterState

State of a parameter, received with a ParameterSummary.

Parties interested in ParameterSummary would typically want to know why they are receiving a summary, which can be upon creation, modification/update, or destruction of a Parameter.

Definition at line 49 of file ParameterSummary.H.