iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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Connector objects allow messages to be passed across namespaces (aka macro-modules) or within namespaces (with, e.g., a topic translation). The messages are not changed in any way, Connector objects just help establishing connections between actual module ports. Messages do not actually transit through the connectors; instead, connectors just connect together ports that woud not otherwise be connected, but once connected, the passing of messages is direct between module ports.

Most users do not need to worry about Connectors, those are just the funny ports that appear on macro-modules.

Connectors cannot be accessed or used directly. They are created on the Master Blackboard only. To manipulate them, use the connector-related functions of the Blackboard class.


class  nrt::MessagePosterConnector< Posting >
 MessagePosterConnector class defines a connector for a MessagePoster. More...
class  nrt::MessageCheckerConnector< Checking >
 MessageCheckerConnector class defines a connector for a MessageChecker. More...
class  nrt::MessageSubscriberConnector< Subscription >
 MessageSubscriberConnector class defines a connector for a MessageSubscriber. More...
struct  nrt::ConnectorUID
 Type for Connector unique ID data. More...
class  nrt::ConnectorBase
 Base class for Connector. More...


 nrt::NRT_DEFINE_ENUM_CLASS (ConnectorType,(Intra)(Border))
 Type of connector. More...
 nrt::NRT_DEFINE_ENUM_CLASS (ConnectorFlavor,(Poster)(Checker)(Subscriber))
 Flavor of Connector. More...

Function Documentation

nrt::NRT_DEFINE_ENUM_CLASS ( ConnectorType  ,

Type of connector.

Intra-connectors connect modules within one namespace. Border connectors establish a bridge between a namespace and its parent namespace.

nrt::NRT_DEFINE_ENUM_CLASS ( ConnectorFlavor  ,

Flavor of Connector.