iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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YAML load/save functions for Blackboard Federation summary data

These functions facilitate saving the contents of a running Blackboard Federation to files, for later re-loading.


void nrt::blackboard::saveMacroModuleYaml (std::string const &namespc, std::shared_ptr< nrt::blackboard::BlackboardFederationSummary const > bfs)
 Save a macro-module to YAML.
void nrt::blackboard::loadMacroModuleYaml (std::string const &logicalpath, std::string const &instancename, std::string const &namespc, std::map< std::string, std::string > const &bbnickremap)
 Load a macro-module from YAML. More...

Function Documentation

void nrt::blackboard::loadMacroModuleYaml ( std::string const &  logicalpath,
std::string const &  instancename,
std::string const &  namespc,
std::map< std::string, std::string > const &  bbnickremap 

Load a macro-module from YAML.

Pass empty namespc and empty instancename to load into the root namespace.