iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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BlackboardManager Configuration Parameters


 nrt::blackboardmanager::NRT_DECLARE_PARAMETER (masterip, std::string,"The IP address or hostname of the master Blackboard. The default empty string will ""try to extract this value from the $NRTMASTER environment variable.","", BlackboardParamCateg)
 nrt::blackboardmanager::NRT_DECLARE_PARAMETER (masterport, int,"The port of the master Blackboard, or 0 to discover and use the first available open ""port. The default of -1 will try to extract the port from the $NRTMASTER environment ""variable.",-1, BlackboardParamCateg)
 nrt::blackboardmanager::NRT_DECLARE_PARAMETER (master, bool,"Set this blackboard as the master node if true", false, BlackboardParamCateg)
 nrt::blackboardmanager::NRT_DECLARE_PARAMETER_WITH_CALLBACK (nick, std::string,"Optional nickname for this Blackboard, will be set to the hostname if empty","", BlackboardParamCateg)


static nrt::ParameterCategory const nrt::blackboardmanager::BlackboardParamCateg ("Blackboard Related Options")