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nrt::trivial_type Class Reference

#include <nrt/Core/Typing/TypeTraits.H>

A type trait class to specify whether a custom class is 'trivial,' e.g., can be malloc'd.

Some of the generic container classes in NRT (Array, for example) can make decisions on how to allocate space for themselves based on the type of data they are holding. They will use the most efficient methods when allocating space for plain-old-data, however you can force these allocations methods for a custom class by inheriting that class from nrt::trivial_type.

class MyCoolClass : public nrt::trivial_type
{ ... }

Definition at line 153 of file TypeTraits.H.

Inherited by nrt::PixelBase< T, numChans, PixType > [private], nrt::PixelBase< nrt::byte, 3, PixRGB > [private], nrt::PixelBase< T, 1, PixGray > [private], nrt::PixelBase< T, 3, PixHSV > [private], nrt::PixelBase< T, 3, PixRGB > [private], and nrt::PixelBase< T_rgb, 3, PixRGB > [private].

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