iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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nrt::graphics::mocap::Motion Class Reference

#include <nrt/Graphics/MoCap/Motion.H>

Defines a Skeleton's motions.

This class is just a vector of Posture objects, one per motion frame. It can be used to read the Posture objects from an Acclaim .AMC file.

Definition at line 59 of file Motion.H.

Public Member Functions

 Motion (std::string const &amc_filename, Skeleton &skeleton)
 Contruct from an AMC file. More...

Public Attributes

std::vector< Postureposture
 Our vector of postures, one per motion frame.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nrt::graphics::mocap::Motion::Motion ( std::string const &  amc_filename,
Skeleton skeleton 

Contruct from an AMC file.

Frame numbers present in the file are ignored. The frames are read in order and numbered consecutively starting with zero.
The skeleton may be modified upon reading the AMC file, shich may specify to enable all degrees of freedom in the skeleton.

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