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nrt::graphics::Textures Class Reference

#include <nrt/Graphics/Shapes.H>

A set of textures to be used later by Brush objects.

To avoid sending over and over texture maps, we handle textures as follows: First register new textures by name by sending a single Texture message. Then, create Brush objects that use that name and the texture index under that name to use a registered texture. You can have multiple textures associated with a name; for example, if a robot model needs 100 textures, you can send them all in one message here, then it is assumed that you will remember which texture number you want to slap onto each different part of your robot (e.g., number 0 for torso, 1 for left arm, etc).

Definition at line 610 of file Shapes.H.

Inheritance diagram for nrt::graphics::Textures:

Public Member Functions

 Textures (std::string const &name_="Unknown", std::vector< nrt::Image< nrt::PixRGB< nrt::byte > > > const &textures_={})
 Constructor from a bunch of RGB textures.
virtual ~Textures ()
 Virtual destructor for safe inheritance.
virtual void render (nrt::graphics::ShapeRenderer &sr) const
 Render this shape into a ShapeRenderer (e.g., OpenGL window)
template<class Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar)
- Public Member Functions inherited from nrt::graphics::Shape
 Shape (Eigen::Affine3f const &frame_=Eigen::Affine3f::Identity(), nrt::Duration const &lifetime_=nrt::forev(), nrt::graphics::Pen const &pen_=nrt::graphics::Pen(), nrt::graphics::Brush const &brush_=nrt::graphics::Brush())
 Constructor using a lifetime duration.
 Shape (Eigen::Affine3f const &frame_, nrt::Time const &endtime_, nrt::graphics::Pen const &pen_=nrt::graphics::Pen(), nrt::graphics::Brush const &brush_=nrt::graphics::Brush())
 Constructor using an end-of-life time point.
virtual ~Shape ()
 Virtual destructor for safe inheritance.
bool expired () const
 Returns true if this shape is past its lifetime.
template<class Archive >
void serialize (Archive &ar)

Protected Attributes

std::string name
 unique name for a collection of textures
std::vector< nrt::Image
< nrt::PixRGB< nrt::byte > > > 
 Our textures.
- Protected Attributes inherited from nrt::graphics::Shape
Eigen::Affine3f frame
 Coordinate frame of this shape.
nrt::Time endtime
 Time after which this shape should be discarded.
nrt::graphics::Pen pen
 Pen to use to draw edges.
nrt::graphics::Brush brush
 Brush to use to draw surfaces.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from nrt::graphics::Shape
bool prerender (nrt::graphics::ShapeRenderer &sr) const
 Set frame, pen, brush, etc, return false if dead.
void postrender (nrt::graphics::ShapeRenderer &sr) const
 End rendering of a given shape.

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