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nrt::TargetCloud Class Reference

#include <nrt/PointCloud2/Common/details/TargetCloud.H>

A base class for any PointCloud class that has a concept of a "Target" point cloud.

This class provides several common routines that might be associated with having a point cloud Target, such as setting the Target to be a specific cloud or setting a specific subset of points to consider.

Whether the Target cloud is treated as constant or not is left to the discretion of the programmer. The copy-on-write policy employed by PointCloud ensures that any modifications made to the local copy of the point cloud do not propogate to the original and that any modifications to the original propogate to the local version unless it itself is modified.

Definition at line 54 of file TargetCloud.H.

Inheritance diagram for nrt::TargetCloud:

Public Member Functions

 TargetCloud ()
 Initializes with no data.
 TargetCloud (PointCloud2 const cloud)
 Initializes with a point cloud and no subset.
 TargetCloud (PointCloud2 const cloud, Indices const indices)
 Initializes with a point cloud and a specific subset.
size_t getWorkingSize () const
 Returns the current working size of the Source. More...

Public Attributes

PointCloud2 cloud
 The source point cloud.
Indices indices
 The optional indices.
bool useSubset
 Whether we use a subset or not.

Protected Member Functions

void setCloud (PointCloud2 const cloud)
 Sets to use a specific cloud.
void setCloud (PointCloud2 const cloud, Indices const indices)
 Sets to sue a specific subset of a cloud.

Member Function Documentation

size_t nrt::TargetCloud::getWorkingSize ( ) const

Returns the current working size of the Source.

If we are using a subset, this is the size of the subset - otherwise it is the size of the cloud

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