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nrt::PointCloud2DataRefBase< IsConst, Types > Class Template Reference

#include <nrt/PointCloud2/details/PointCloud2DataHelpers.H>

template<bool IsConst, class... Types>
class nrt::PointCloud2DataRefBase< IsConst, Types >

A container for holding references to the data associated with a point cloud point.

Point cloud points can contain arbitrary data types in addition to their geometric coordinate representation.

Accessing geometry is available through the geometry() functionality whereas all other data that may be held is handled through the get() functionality inherited from StreamableGenericBag.

Note that any and all data held by a reference point will exist elsewhere, usually inside of an actual point cloud. This data type will most often be encountered when querying a cloud for data.

See PointCloud2DataRefBaseConst for details on the constant specialization, and PointCloud2DataRefBaseNotConst for details on the non constant specialization.

It is suggested that you use the template aliases PointCloud2DataRef and PointCloud2ConstDataRef instead of the specializations of this class.
Template Parameters
TypesThe various types that can be represented by this data. Geometry is always included regardless of types specified. Types follow the rules for GenericBag (i.e.: they must be distinct using std::is_same)

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