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nrt::ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef > Class Template Reference

#include <nrt/Probabilistic/Types/ParticlePDF.H>

template<class PDFDef, class WeightDef = double>
class nrt::ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef >

Particle representation of a variable.

This class holds the memory for Particle variables


Definition at line 54 of file ParticlePDF.H.


struct  Particle
 Define a particle width a weight. More...

Public Types

typedef PDFDef ElemType

Public Member Functions

 ParticlePDF ()
 Construct an empty particle PDF.
 ParticlePDF (int const n)
 Construct a particle PDF with n particles.
 ParticlePDF (GaussianPDF< PDFDef > const &gauss)
 Construct a particle PDF by sampling a gaussian PDF at the sigma locations.
 ParticlePDF (ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef > const &pdf)
 Copy constructor.
double & at (int const idx, double &addr)
 Set/Get the value of any variable.
double const at (int const idx, double &addr) const
 Set/Get the value of any variable (const version)
WeightDef & at (int const idx)
 Set/Get the weight of any particle.
WeightDef const at (int const idx) const
 Set/Get the weight of any particle (const version)
const size_t size () const
 Return the number of particles.
const size_t stateSize () const
 Return the size of the state.
ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef > & operator= (ParticlePDF< PDFDef, WeightDef > const &pdf)
 Assign a ParticlePDF to another.

Public Attributes

std::vector< ParticleitsParticles
Eigen::Matrix< double,
PDFDef::size, 1 > 
std::shared_ptr< PDFDef > elem

Protected Member Functions

template<class Archive >
void save (Archive &ar) const
template<class Archive >
void load (Archive &ar)


class cereal::access

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