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nrt::ModuleBase Class Reference

#include <nrt/Core/Blackboard/ModuleBase.H>

Base class for Module.

A Module is a Component that can post/receive/check Message through a Blackboard

Definition at line 73 of file ModuleBase.H.

Inheritance diagram for nrt::ModuleBase:
nrt::MessagePosterCore< SimpleMessagePosting< T > > nrt::MessageSubscriberCore< nrt::SimpleMessageSubscription< T, false > > nrt::MessageSubscriberCore< nrt::SimpleMessageSubscription< T, true > > nrt::MessageCheckerCore< Checking > nrt::MessagePosterCore< Posting > nrt::MessageSubscriberCore< Subscription > nrt::Module nrt::SplitMessagePoster< T > nrt::SplitMessageSubscriber< T, false > nrt::SplitMessageSubscriber< T, true > MyModule MyModule

Public Member Functions

 ModuleBase ()
virtual ~ModuleBase ()
 Virtual destructor for safe inheritance.
ModuleUID const & uid () const
 Get our unique ID which will be used to track Module objects in distributed systems.
std::string getNamespace () const
 Get the module's namespace. More...
void setLogicalPath (std::string const &lp)
 Set the logical path for this module, as categ/subcat/.../classname. More...
std::string getLogicalPath () const
 Get the logical path for this module, as categ/subcat/.../classname.

Protected Attributes

boost::shared_mutex itsNamespaceMtx
std::string namespc
std::string logicalpath

Member Function Documentation

std::string nrt::ModuleBase::getNamespace ( ) const

Get the module's namespace.

Note that setNamespace() and changeNamespace() are implemented in nrt::Module as they recurse through the sub-modules.

Referenced by nrt::Module::addSubModule().

void nrt::ModuleBase::setLogicalPath ( std::string const &  lp)

Set the logical path for this module, as categ/subcat/.../classname.

You should at least set it to classname if you don't know where the module came from.

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