iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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nrt::MessageSubscriberCoreBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <nrt/Core/Blackboard/details/ModulePortHelpers.H>

Base class for a MessageSubscriber.

Definition at line 843 of file ModulePortHelpers.H.

Inheritance diagram for nrt::MessageSubscriberCoreBase:
nrt::MessageSubscriberCore< nrt::SimpleMessageSubscription< T, false > > nrt::MessageSubscriberCore< nrt::SimpleMessageSubscription< T, true > > nrt::MessageSubscriberCore< Subscription > nrt::SplitMessageSubscriber< T, false > nrt::SplitMessageSubscriber< T, true >

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MessageSubscriberCoreBase ()
 Virtual destructor for safe inheritance.
void setTopicFilter (std::string const &topicfilt_)
 Set the TopicFilter for this subscriber. More...
virtual void createSubSubscribers ()=0
 Create our split sub-ports.
virtual void deleteSubSubscribers ()=0
 Delete our split sub-ports.
virtual bool isSplit () const =0
 Return true if we currently have split-sub-subscribers.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void notifySplitReceive (size_t const bitnum)=0
 Notification called by each sub-subscriber when it receives a split field.
virtual void abortSplitReceive ()=0
 Order to abort a split receive, e.g., upon destruction or stop()

Protected Attributes

std::string msgtype
 Type of Message we subscribe to.
std::string rettype
 Type of Message we return from our callback.
std::string module
 Module which we belong to.
std::string portname
 String name for our Subscription port class.
std::string description
 String human description for our Subscription.
std::string topicfilt
 TopicFilter that we subscribe to.
int sequence
 Subscriber sequence number within module used for ordering of ports in the GUI.
bool splittable
 Can this port be split into sub-ports?
boost::shared_mutex mtx
< nrt::MessageSubscriberCallbackWrapperBase > 
< nrt::MessageSubscriberCallbackWrapperBase > 


class nrt::Blackboard
 Only the Blackboard and related classes can access our data.
template<class Posting >
class MessagePosterCore
template<class T , bool ISMSG>
class SplitMessageSubscriber

Member Function Documentation

void nrt::MessageSubscriberCoreBase::setTopicFilter ( std::string const &  topicfilt_)

Set the TopicFilter for this subscriber.

A Topic Filter is embodied into an std::regex which is used to match our subscription to corresponding topics used by post(). Note that in addition the namespaces must match exactly.

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