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nrt::ImagePyramid< PixType > Class Template Reference

#include <nrt/ImageProc/Pyramid/ImagePyramid.H>

template<class PixType>
class nrt::ImagePyramid< PixType >

An ImagePyramid represents a stack of various scales of a single Image.

It is organized into separate "octaves," each of which is 50% the size of the previous octave. Furthermore, each octave may have multiple "layers." Each layer within an octave should be at least as small as it's enclosing octave, but the details are dependent on how the ImagePyramid was constructed.

Definition at line 60 of file ImagePyramid.H.

Public Member Functions

 ImagePyramid ()
 Default constructor. More...
 ImagePyramid (std::vector< Octave > const &octaves)
 Create an ImagePyramid from a vector of Octaves.
 ImagePyramid (size_t numOctaves, size_t layersPerOctave=1)
 Initialize a blank (but not empty!) ImagePyramid. More...
template<class OtherPix >
 ImagePyramid (ImagePyramid< OtherPix > const &other)
 Create an ImagePyramid from another with a possibly different colorspace/bitdepth.
size_t const numOctaves () const
 Get the number of Octaves.
Octave & octave (size_t const o)
 Get a reference to the o'th octave.
Octave const & octave (size_t const o) const
 Get a reference to the o'th octave (const version)
std::vector< Octave > & octaves ()
 Get a reference to the underyling storage of octaves.
std::vector< Octave const >
const & 
octaves () const
 Get a reference to the underyling storage of octaves (const version)
template<class PixType >
 ImagePyramid (std::vector< nrt::ImagePyramid< PixType >::Octave > const &octaves)


class cereal::access

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class PixType >
nrt::ImagePyramid< PixType >::ImagePyramid ( )

Default constructor.

Creates an empty ImagePyramid with 0 octaves

Definition at line 38 of file ImagePyramidImpl.H.

template<class PixType >
nrt::ImagePyramid< PixType >::ImagePyramid ( size_t  numOctaves,
size_t  layersPerOctave = 1 

Initialize a blank (but not empty!) ImagePyramid.

The new pyramid will have space allocated for numOctaves, with the given layersPerOctave, however each Image contained within will be uninitialized (will have Dims of 0x0).

Definition at line 49 of file ImagePyramidImpl.H.

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