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nrt::GenericLog< LogLevelPolicy > Class Template Reference

#include <nrt/Core/Debugging/details/LogHelpers.H>

template<class LogLevelPolicy>
class nrt::GenericLog< LogLevelPolicy >

A generic logging class.

GenericLog is a policy-based logging class which relies on "policies" provided by template arguments to define the behavior or the logger.

Template Parameters
LogLevelPolicySpecifies the destination for messages. See Log Level Policies for some common policies
Most users will just want to use the predefined macros described in Debugging/Log.H, which include NRT_DEBUG(msg), NRT_INFO(msg), etc.

Definition at line 66 of file LogHelpers.H.

Inherits LogLevelPolicy.

Public Member Functions

 GenericLog ()
 Construct a new GenericLog, without any locality information.
 GenericLog (std::string const &fullFileName, std::string const &functionName, nrt::Component *const component)
 Construct a new GenericLog, adding a prefix to the log stream.
 ~GenericLog ()
 Close the GenericLog, outputting the aggregated message.
template<class T >
GenericLog< LogLevelPolicy > & operator<< (T const &out_item)
 Overloaded stream input operator for any type that has operator<< defined for ostream.
GenericLog< LogLevelPolicy > & operator<< (uint8 const &out_item)
 Overload of operator<< for uint8 (displays it as an int rather than char)
GenericLog< LogLevelPolicy > & operator<< (int8 const &out_item)
 Overload of operator<< for int8 (displays it as an int rather than char)

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