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nrt::CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC Class Reference

#include <nrt/PointCloud2/Registration/Correspondence/Rejection/CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC.H>

Rejects correspondences based on some threshold distance.

The threshold distance will be applied to the score field of the correspondences to determine whether they are within range.

tests/test-PointCloud2OpenNI.C, and tests/test-PointCloud2Registration.C.

Definition at line 47 of file CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC.H.

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Public Member Functions

 CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC (double inlierThreshold=std::numeric_limits< double >::max(), size_t maxRANSACIterations=1000, size_t maxSampleIterations=1000, double ransacOutlierFreeProbability=0.99, bool seedRandom=false)
 Create with some distance threshold. More...
Correspondences reject (PointCloud2 const source, PointCloud2 const target, Correspondences const correspondences)
 Applies some criterion to an input set of correspondences to prune them. More...
Matrix4 getBestTransform () const
 Returns the best transform selected by the previous run of reject()
- Public Member Functions inherited from nrt::CorrespondenceRejectionBase
virtual ~CorrespondenceRejectionBase ()
 Virtual destruction.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from nrt::CorrespondenceRejectionBase
typedef std::shared_ptr
< CorrespondenceRejectionBase
 Convenience tyepdef for shared ptr to this.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

nrt::CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC::CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC ( double  inlierThreshold = std::numeric_limits< double >::max(),
size_t  maxRANSACIterations = 1000,
size_t  maxSampleIterations = 1000,
double  ransacOutlierFreeProbability = 0.99,
bool  seedRandom = false 

Create with some distance threshold.

inlierThresholdThe distance threshold for RANSAC to consider inliers, in meters
maxRANSACIterationsMaximum number of iterations to run RANSAC
maxSampleIterationsMaximum number of iterations to search for a suitable model sample
ransacOutlierFreeProbabilityProbability of having no outliers
seedRandomIf true, use a new random seed, if false, use some default

Member Function Documentation

Correspondences nrt::CorrespondenceRejectionRANSAC::reject ( PointCloud2 const  source,
PointCloud2 const  target,
Correspondences const  correspondences 

Applies some criterion to an input set of correspondences to prune them.

sourceThe pointcloud where source indices came from
targetThe pointcloud where target indices came from
correspondencesThe correspondences between source and target
The pruned set of correspondences

Implements nrt::CorrespondenceRejectionBase.

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