iLab Neuromorphic Robotics Toolkit  0.1
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oNnrtReserved namespace for NRT core classes and functions
oCBasicMaterialEnum key to convenience pre-defined materials
oCBoneEndTypeEnum to indicate either the starting point or the end point of a bone, used by Skeleton::getTransform()
oCBorderRepRepresentation for a border zone inside a macro-module (namespace)
oCBoundedSetInsertPolicyBoundedSet insert policy
oCCappedEnd capping policy for extruded shapes (e.g., cylinder)
oCConnectionSpline representing a connection between two ports
oCConnectionRequestGraphical representation for a request for connection
oCExceptionBoxExceptionBox is much like QMessageBox but it can be resized
oCLMDistanceMethodLM Distance Methods
oCLoaderLibraryA library of module loaders
oCLoaderSummarySimple struct that contains essential data about a module loader
oCModuleRepA ModuleRep is a shadow which represents a real, running nrt::Module somewhere on a remote Blackboard
oCModuleRepBaseBase class for the graphical representation of a module or namespace
oCMyModuleWhat you derive from determines what you will be allowed to do when interacting with the Blackboard
oCNamespaceRepRepresentation for a namespace (macro-module)
oCProfilerMainWidgetMain widget for the NRT Profiler
oCResizePolicyImageRenderer resize methods
oCResolutionOpenNI device resolutions
\CSignalHandlerSignal handler to gracefully shutdown the designer on control-c